We will never offer you a treatment you don't need.  
We will continue your aftercare until we're sure that you have the best results possible.


When you make a decision to go ahead with a treatment or procedure you’ll be feeling positive and looking ahead to renewed feelings of self-confidence.

You may also feel a little apprehensive.

We will always ensure that you feel fully supported before, during and after your treatment, whether that's more information to take away, a phonecall from your clinic manager or practitioner or simply time to think about whether you want to have a further treatment.

We will also fully equip you with any products you would like and information to maintain your results at home.

Your time at the clinic is only the beginning of discovering better skin: we do everything we can to make sure it continues long afterwards.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Clients

If you are hard of hearing then we recommend using the Deaf Relay service run by BID.  Deaf Relays are experienced Deaf people who work alongside BSL interpreters with users who are Deaf and have a specific language need due to a disability or not being a native BSL user. The Relay adapts what the hearing interpreter is signing into a variation of sign for the client, together with the client’s response for the interpreter, to assist understanding.  More information can be found at their website here.


Over the last 20 years, we’ve helped over half a million clients to healthier, more radiant skin that feels smooth and appears flawless. We employ only the most experienced doctors and dedicated medical staff who will work with you to help you achieve perfection. We use the latest clinically proven products and technologies in all of our state-of-the-art clinics nationwide. We partner with the country’s leading authoritative and government bodies, and highly renowned suppliers to ensure we deliver to the highest of standards, and to give you total piece of mind that you are in safe hands. If you want to feel better about the way your skin looks, you’ll be looking for expert advice, the most advanced care, and treatments that’ll really work for you.

We are trusted specialists in all the latest rejuvenation techniques and advanced laser treatments including Botox®, laser hair removal, skin peels and laser tattoo removal.

We are governed by the Care Quality Commission and the Independent Health Advisory Service ‘Treatment You Can Trust’ register and regularly work with the British Skin Foundation. We are also very proud to be the first national network of clinics to register onto the ‘Treatments You Can Trust’ register.

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Aftercare for Skin Treatments

Why is Aftercare important?

Don’t you love that feeling of having just undergone a professional skin treatment knowing your skin is on its way to achieving that healthy glow? But before you get carried away, it’s important to note that having your treatment - whether it’s a skin peel/resurfacer, microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, or any other type of exfoliating rejuvenation treatment - is just the first step in your journey to achieving beautiful, healthy-looking skin.

Get the best results - and maintain them

To really get the most out of any rejuvenation treatment, you should follow the aftercare advice provided by your practitioner. With a disruptive skin treatment like a chemical peel, layers of skin will literally peel off during the days and weeks immediately after your procedure. This means the exposed fresh skin underneath will be much more sensitive to sun exposure, harsh perfumes and chemicals. By following the aftercare instructions given to you by your practitioner - keeping the area clean, moisturised and out of the sun - you will minimise your risk of complications like infection, and maximise your results.


Good health means good skin

“If you want to make a real change in the quality of your skin, you need to make a lifelong commitment to improve overall wellbeing,” explains Dr Achuth Hosur, a medical director at sk:n. “Good health means good skin; so not smoking, staying out of the sun, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep will all help to maintain the results of a rejuvenation treatment. Slipping back into bad habits will only serve to undo all of that progress. You should also be open to the possibility that you may need regular booster treatments. It’s not a ‘cure’ or a quick fix, but should be a positive change in the way you care for your skin.”


Aftercare products

After treatment, your practitioner may provide you with an aftercare pack, or recommend a number of products to apply to your skin to help keep it comfortable and aid the natural healing process. As we age, the skin’s natural ability to regenerate slows down, so nourishing and hydrating your skin helps to support its recovery.


Key aftercare tips:

  • Prevent further sun damage after treatment by applying good quality sun protection with at least SPF 50, several times a day.
  • Allow your skin to go through it’s natural healing process - do NOT pick, scrub or peel at scabs, crusting or dry skin that may form after treatment. Allow your body to shed the dead skin cells naturally (unless specifically instructed to do otherwise.)
  • Always follow any post procedure aftercare instructions given to you by your practitioner. These will be tailored to your skin, so focus on the specific advice given to you only.
  • Note that for 48 hours (or more) after treatment your skin may be red, swollen and vulnerable to infection. Keep your skin clean and moisturised - as instructed.


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