5 reasons you should get full-body laser hair removal

12th November 2018  : 

There’s nothing ‘fun’ about hair removal, no matter how you choose to do it. But unfortunately, everybody has body hair and (for the most part) nobody really wants it. For centuries we’ve been devising ways to get rid of it and we waste hours and hours every single year trying to manage it - precious time that could be spent on more important things, like binge watching shows on Netflix, or sleeping.

So, enough is enough. It’s time you ended this nonsense now and discovered the benefits of full-body laser hair removal treatment. Here’s five reasons why:

1. Because you should be able to wear what you want, when you want.

We’ve all been there. You get a last minute invite to go out and you think, great, I can wear my new dress! Only to realise (usually as the taxi pulls up and you’re adding the last touches to your makeup) that you didn’t shave your underarms/legs. Worse still, your wax is booked in for tomorrow so you can’t shave them now, either. Arrrrgh!

2. Because it’s time to ditch the itch.

There is nothing on this earth more excruciatingly irritating than shaving rash. And there’s nothing more embarrassing than trying not to scratch that itch. Regrowth after shaving or waxing your bikini line can be notoriously uncomfortable. This is because the hairs in this area are thicker, coarser and curlier than anywhere else on your body, meaning they are far more likely to become trapped beneath the skin as they regrow, causing irritation and painful, unsightly bumps. Getting full-body laser hair removal solves this problem because any regrowth is finer and softer - and the successfully targeted hair follicles don’t really grow back. It’s that effective, it’s even suitable for men who often have to tackle much larger areas of unwanted hair. AMAZING!

3. Because nobody should have to shave their stomach

Some people are lucky and only really have to worry about fighting the fuzz on their legs, underarms and bikini area. But for others, there are very few places that haven’t been touched by the Hair Fairy’s evil curse. Having to tackle hair all over your body is exhausting, uncomfortable and relentless. Nobody should have to worry about shaving their back, stomach, forearms, feet, hands, chest - all on top of everything else life throws at us. It just aint right.

4. 50% off. That’s a pretty good reason.

There’s no getting around it: laser hair removal doesn’t come cheap. And neither should it. The treatment requires state-of-the art laser technology, rigorous training (don’t worry, for the practitioner, not you) and at least eight sessions for effective results. But book a course of eight treatments at sk:n now and you’ll get it for HALF the normal price. That means you could save up to £2,620 in one fell swoop. When’s the last time you saved that much on a beauty-related purchase?

5. Because everyone loves a freebie.

If the above reasons aren’t enough and you’re the kind of person who loves getting something for nothing (who isn’t?) hear this: for every course of laser hair removal booked at sk:n, you’ll receive a pack of premium aftercare skin products (including a cooling Eau Thermal spray from Avène) worth £45, completely FREE!

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