What is my skin type?

29th November 2018  : 

Maintaining a healthy complexion begins with good skincare - finding the right products with the right active ingredients to care for your skin type and its unique needs. And we all know, good quality skincare products don’t come cheap. That’s why identifying which skin type category you fall into is so important: both your skin (and your bank account) will thank you.


So, how do you determine your skin type?


Oily skin

Oily skin is pretty easy to identify: if you have blocked pores, regular breakouts and by the end of the working day your face is shinier than a mirror, you have oily skin. But even if you don’t suffer from breakouts too much, you might still fit into this category and identifying this can help you to select the right products to counteract excessive oil production. Using a piece of blotting paper or tissue, wipe across your T zone (forehead, nose and chin) about an hour after washing your face and before applying any moisturiser or makeup. If there’s an oily residue despite your skin being clean, you have oily skin.  


And remember: just because your skin is oily, it doesn’t mean you should skip moisturiser altogether. Instead, try a light, non-comedogenic product, like sk:n 50ml Hydrator for Oily/Blemish Prone Skin, for skin that’s quenched, not drenched.

Dry skin

Dry skin can be one of the most frustrating skin types to manage. Just when you think you’ve moisturised all those flakes away, you look in the mirror half an hour later to see they’ve re-appeared. One sure-fire way of knowing you fit into the dry category is if your skin feels really tight immediately after you wash your face.   


Invest in a product that delivers moisture deep down and will last all day, treating the cause of flakes rather than just covering them up, like Avène Hydrance Optimale Rich 40ml. Exfoliation is also important for optimising the performance of your moisturiser, so be sure to use a good scrub, like DermaQuest Algae Polishing Scrub 4oz at least once a week.



Combination skin

Is your skin having an identity crisis? Are you flaky one day, shiny the next? Then you probably fit into the combination skin category. Combination skin types tend to be more susceptible to environmental and hormonal factors - perhaps you’re skin is oilier at certain times of the month, or easily dries out in the wind or sun. It can be a bit of a juggling act trying to find the right products for this skin type, so you might find it useful to arm yourself with products for both your oily and dry days.


An all-round cleansing product is a must for combination skin. Try sk:n Vitamin Rich Cleanser for All Skin Types, which will simultaneously help keep flakiness at bay and prevent blocked pores and breakouts.


Sensitive/reactive skin

If your dressing table is littered with products you used once, had a bad reaction to and so never used again, you can bet you your extra-large bottle of calamine lotion that you’re a sensitive/reactive skin type. Heavy perfumed creams with powerful active ingredients tend to bring you out in a rash - and when you think about the amount of money you’ve wasted trying the latest skincare fad only to find it doesn’t agree with you, it makes you want to weep.


Steer clear of anything with potential irritants such as perfumes and exfoliants (unless recommended by a practitioner.) Instead go for soothing, cooling products like SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective 30ml, which will help create a barrier to protect your sensitive skin from irritants.


Normal skin

You are one of those lucky people whose skin is pretty well-balanced; it’s neither too greasy nor too dry and you rarely have breakouts or suffer from irritation. Finding the right products for your skin should be pretty straightforward - in fact, why are you even reading this blog?


Just kidding! In your case, you should always select products designed for ‘normal’ skin, so as to not upset your skin’s already perfect balance. You won’t need much coverage, so choose a lightweight tinted moisturiser like Revision Skincare Intellishade Matt 48g. It offers SPF 45 protection too, so will help to keep your complexion even.

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