Skn Clinics are rated an average of 4.8 out of 5 based on 9806 reviews across our clinics.

Great staff!

Love the professionalism and care shown whilst performing my Hydrafacial. I have sensitive skin and she tailored it perfectly. Aftercare advice on products to use was also great, and no hard sell given.

Unfailingly friendly and professional at the Chester branch of SK:N

The Reception experience.

The staff and the consultant are passionate and caring. The treatment i had was very painful and uncomfortable but the consultant kept on reassuring and encouraging me, while the staff held my hand during the procedure, they are brilliant, i couldn't ask for more.

My initial consultation was very informative - they took their time to explain the procedures to me so I understood exactly what would happen and what I could expect. So far I have had two appointments; both of which have been on time, all of the staff have been lovely, the whole procedure has been very professional and there is no wasted time. As soon as you're in they get on with your appointment and you're done before you know it. So far the Cambridge Skin Clinic has been wonderful, and I look forward to all my appointments to come.

Friendly staff

Lovely clinic and staff are very welcoming

The treatment worked incredibly well for me (laser hair reduction). At first I was skeptical so tried only a small area and waited till there was a 30% reduced price offer to try it out. But the results were so fantastic I came back for treatment to another larger area! I would say the prices are costly and I would not get the treatment outside the promotional offers. Peehaps there would be even more customers if the prices were more affordable!

Following a referral from my NHS GP, my SK:N procedure (sebaceous cyst removal) was my first experience (beyond dental) at paying for a private cosmetic procedure. I was pleased with the convenient location and comfortable and discrete environment of the clinic, the care that the manager took to answer my initial concerns and how confident and experienced my doctor was. While the cost was somewhat different to the prescription charges I'm used to, having my cauterising procedure was one of my best decisions of 2017. Less than two months later, my scar is almost gone, and looking back at photos from before (including from my wedding) makes me even happier. If only I had realised this could have been done earlier. I would certainly consider having other SK:N procedures in future if needed to improve my wellbeing, and of course recommend them to others.

Wendy has superb customer care skills

The staff were always friendly, especially Helen Green who used TCA peels to clear my acne scars. I was a bit skeptical at first because of the price, but decided to give it try it as nothing else worked and over time my skin become so clear! It is a long process, which made me understand the high price but in the end you end up with clearer and healthier looking skin. They won’t give up until you are 100% satisfied and even gave me additional laser treatment for the last few stubborn scars. They always give expert advice on what will work best for your skin and the products are nice too. Would highly recommend, it is worth it as the results are fantastic!!

The results. Your staff/practitioners.

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