Treatment Journey

sk:n Treatment Journey

Who will I see at my consultation?

You will see a trained medical practitioner specialising in your condition; either a doctor, nurse or practitioner.

All our practitioners are registered in their field and highly skilled. As a thank you for visiting, we'll offer you a complimentary professional skin scan, completely free.

How long will my consultation take?

That depends entirely on your condition, but you can expect to be with your practitioner for around forty minutes.

That gives the practitioner enough time to fully assess your skin and talk you through the various options, as well as you feeling you have enough time to ask any questions you may have.

What happens during my consultation?

We want you to leave us with a clear idea of the various skin solutions available to you, and the cost, benefits and length of treatments.

"In line with our code of ethics, we only offer treatments that offer you a clear clinical benefit."

This may be as straightforward as recommending a course of specialist clinical products to you. Or, if your condition requires it, we will discuss certain treatments which could benefit you.

We can also talk about the best order in which to carry out your treatments and the most convenient plan for you, including potentially treating multiple areas of your body during the same appointment, for example.

You may have concerns about how an existing skin condition will react to treatments. We have solutions for most skin problems and will build a treatment plan to meet your precise needs.

Will I take anything home with me?

Together we'll create a plan for you to regain precious control over your skin condition.

We know one of the worst aspects of certain skin conditions, such as acne is feeling out of control. Together, we want to plan for you to have your best skin. The treatments can be complex, or ones you've not heard of before. For that reason, and because you might feel distracted or upset talking about your condition or showing it to your practitioner, we give you all the expert information you'll need to read at your own speed, including:

  • Your personalised treatment plan, so you know what to expect.
  • Treatment fact sheets, for example detailing what a Salicylic Peel is and how you can expect your skin to feel during the process and afterwards.
  • A Specialised Clinical Product guide. Our products have been specially formulated to work in conjunction with our treatments. The guide explains how to get the most benefit.
  • Price lists and payment options, with money-off vouchers for future options.

If you feel you need more help or advice, we can book you in to talk to a medical professional of your choice, or you can come back at a further date to pick up with the doctor or nurse you've already met. Our Contact Centre staff are well trained to answer your queries, but importantly know how to point you in the direction of a real expert if you need one. We're on hand seven days a week, every day but Christmas Day, in 51 clinics across the country from Aberdeen to Brighton, Norwich to Bristol.

Equally, you may know exactly what you need and just want to get on with it! You're in charge and we'll fit in with you. From a lunchtime peel, to a top up of an anti-ageing injectable, you're in the driving seat.

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How much time do I have to think about whether I would like to go ahead?

There is no obligation to buy and you will not be pressurised in any way by our medical practitioners. We have payment plans to suit you and can talk through the options at your request.

While we know our treatments are the best available, we understand the upfront cost can be off-putting. If you do decide to have treatment with us, there are various options available to you. Interest-free credit arrangements, frequent promotions and larger or smaller courses of treatment can all be explored to suit your circumstances. We'll also discuss the best time for you to come to clinic. With opening hours from early until often 9pm, seven days a week, we are able to offer our clients superior convenience.

What aftercare is available to me?

When you make a decision to go ahead with a treatment or procedure you'll be feeling positive and looking ahead to renewed feelings of self-confidence. You may also feel a little apprehensive. We will always ensure that you feel fully supported before, during and after your treatment, whether that's more information to take away, a phone call from your clinic manager or practitioner or simply time to think about whether you want to have a further treatment. We will also fully equip you with any products you would like and information to maintain your results at home. Your time at the clinic is only the beginning of discovering better skin: we do everything we can to make sure it continues long afterwards.

Click here to find out more about our medical standards and aftercare.

Call us on 0121 641 6000 to book your consultation now. We're open until 9pm during the week, 6pm on a Saturday and 5.30pm on a Sunday and currently have 52 clinics nationwide.


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