LAUGHTER LINES: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Understanding the condition and ultimately finding out 'How to get rid of Laughter Lines'.



LAUGHTER LINES: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Although laughter is the best medicine, the lines it causes around your eyes and mouth can add years to your appearance.


As the name suggests, laughter lines appear on the parts of the face which naturally crease when we laugh and smile; usually around the eyes and the mouth. The main cause of laughter lines is a natural decrease in collagen and elastin in the skin. These proteins are responsible for our skin's firmness and elasticity, but production drops as we age.


How can I prevent laughter lines?

The best way to postpone the appearance of laughter lines is to use an SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, avoid smoking, drink plenty of water and follow a good skincare routine, particularly one with a deep-acting moisturiser containing anti-ageing ingredients such as peptides and vitamin A.

At what age do you get laughter lines?

Most people begin to see the first signs of ageing skin in their 30s, but this can vary due to lifestyle and genetic factors. Deeper-set wrinkles like laughter lines and crow’s feet usually appear when we get into our 40s. Smoking and sun exposure speed the skin-ageing process up, so if you want to keep your skin looking younger for longer, avoid these. 

Can you get laughter lines as a teenager?

Yes. Some people develop laughter lines at a young age, or have them most of their life. This isn’t necessarily due to ageing skin and is usually just a natural or genetic characteristic. Laughter lines aren’t exclusive to mature skin types and might just be part of what makes you unique - like dimples in your cheeks.


Skin which is well hydrated and exfoliated tends to look smoother and less wrinkled, so a good natural remedy for laughter lines is a natural moisturiser such as coconut oil. This can also be made into an exfoliator by mixing two teaspoons of the oil with a teaspoon of sugar. Apply to damp skin in a gentle circular motion, then rinse as you would with a normal exfoliator and apply a good moisturiser (or some more coconut oil!).


Skin peels

Skin peels contain active fruit acids which peel away the upper layers of the skin, leaving behind a smoother, fresher complexion. There are different strengths of skin peels available and the results and downtime you experience will vary according to the type of peel you are given. 

Anti-ageing injectables

Anti-ageing injectable treatments work to prevent laughter lines by relaxing the muscles in the face. This reduces the wrinkles caused by repetitive muscle movements, such as smiling or laughing. 

Dermal fillers for laughter lines

Dermal fillers involve injecting a medically-developed solution under the skin with a fine needle to plump and fill out lines and grooves such as laughter lines. Juvederm® is a type of dermal filler which contains hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin. Sculptra™ is another type of dermal filler treatment which contains Poly-L-Lactic Acid, which replaces lost collagen to help maintain the skin’s elasticity.


This laser resurfacing treatment targets the surface and deeper layers of the skin, encouraging it to produce new collagen and helping to smooth out laughter lines. Results are immediate and long-lasting; however, this treatment does require some downtime to allow your skin to heal. 


Microneedling is an innovative rejuvenation treatment designed to harness the skin’s natural ability to produce collagen. It involves creating lots of tiny punctures in the skin with very fine needles to help stimulate skin cell renewal. It might sound a little scary, but it is actually a minimally-invasive treatment which offers amazing results for laughter lines.  


Microdermabrasion is what is known as a ‘disruptive’ rejuvenation treatment. It works by dislodging dead skin cells and stimulating collagen production for firmer, brighter, younger-looking skin. 





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