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REDNESS: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Understanding the condition and ultimately finding out 'How to get rid of Redness'.



REDNESS: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Redness of the skin can appear for a number of reasons. Some people have sensitive skin which becomes pink or flushed when in extreme temperatures, or even just from rubbing or touching the face. Other people may suffer from spots, visible blood vessels (facial thread veins) or a skin condition called rosacea.


  • Rosacea
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Sunburn
  • Skin allergies
  • Eczema and other types of dermatitis 
  • Acne
  • Facial thread veins


If your skin redness is caused by facial thread veins, you shouldn’t experience any pain or discomfort. With rosacea, you might experience a prickling or burning sensation in the affected area of the skin. It may also be dry, thick and uncomfortable. 

Acne can also be red, inflamed and angry. This is usually a symptom of more severe cases of acne which can be painful and difficult to manage. 

Eczema and other types of dermatitis are usually itchy and dry and may appear as an angry-looking rash.


The cause of your skin redness will determine what type of treatment can be used to reduce it. Many types of skin redness, such as rosacea and eczema, can be treated with medicated creams. There are also a number of professional skin treatments designed to address facial thread veins and acne.


What is rosacea?

Symptoms of rosacea include:

  • redness
  • flushing
  • hardening of the skin
  • spots
  • a stinging or burning sensation
  • the appearance of red broken blood vessels 

Severe symptoms might include dry, sore eyes and a thickening of the skin, particularly around the nose. Most sufferers report flare-ups, with symptoms worsening and reoccurring over time.

Rosacea affects more women than men, typically in their 30s to 50s; however, symptoms can begin to show from your early 20s. It is primarily seen on the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin, as well as the neck and chest and is often mistaken for acne, eczema or some other skin allergy. Left untreated, symptoms will worsen, so early action is advised. Sadly, there is currently no cure, only treatment. But treatments have evolved considerably over recent years, allowing sufferers of rosacea to enjoy clearer, smoother, stress-free skin.

What are facial thread veins?

Facial thread veins are tiny visible blood vessels which appear on the face. They are believed to be caused largely by skin which has become transparent as its collagen levels deplete with age. They can also be caused by rosacea. 

How do I get rid of skin redness from acne?

Active acne can be angry, red and inflamed. Acne-prone skin is often very sensitive and you should be careful with what you apply to it. Skin products specifically for active acne contain anti-inflammatory ingredients to help reduce redness. A dermatologist may also be able to prescribe medication to help address the infection. 

Why is my skin red and itchy?

Red, itchy skin might be caused by eczema or other types of dermatitis. It could also be an allergic reaction to a skincare product, perfume, or the washing powder you use.


You can make your own face mask using natural, skin-loving ingredients to help soothe skin redness. Try applying the following ingredients as a face mask: 

  • Aloe vera
  • Coconut oil
  • Honey
  • Pureed/blended cucumber

Try to avoid the following to help reduce redness:

  • Hot water
  • Harsh soaps
  • Scrubs or exfoliators
  • Heavily fragranced moisturisers
  • Rough or abrasive face cleansing cloths
  • Itchy clothing near to the face, such as scarves or jumpers containing wooL


Specialist skincare products

There are many skincare products specially designed to care for red, sensitive skin. These contain soothing, gentle ingredients, chosen for their non-irritant properties.  

Medical grade skin peels

Whilst glycolic acid skin peels are not suitable for all people suffering from redness, they can sometimes be used to help remove the dead skin cells that aggravate this condition. A dermatologist will be able to determine whether this treatment is right for you. 

Laser therapy

For patients with visible blood vessels or thread veins, laser therapy can be used to shrink them. The treatment uses brief pulses of light energy, which target only the blood vessel, leaving your surrounding skin unharmed. 


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