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Lisa Mason, Director of Medical Standards at sk:n clinics

Lisa Mason, Director of Medical Standards at sk:n clinics

Removing unwanted body hair can be a real chore, especially if you suffer from excess hair all over your body. But laser technology could be the long-term hair removal solution you’ve been looking for. 

Lisa Mason, Director of Medical Standards at leading UK clinic chain, sk:n, explains how laser hair removal treatment works; who it’s most suited to and the results you can expect. 





Methods Of Hair Removal

How Laser Hair Removal Works
Laser hair removal involves removing body (and facial) hair using a specialised laser system. The laser is used to target each individual hair follicle under the skin, heating it up and destroying it so that the hair is unable to regrow in the treated area. The hair follicles have to be targeted during the ‘anagen’ (growth) phase in order for them to be properly destroyed. As not all of the follicles will be in the anagen phase at the same time, a course of treatments is required to target each of the hairs and achieve the most effective results. 

Full body laser hair removal at sk:n 

  • Regulated by the Care Quality Commission
    All of our nationwide clinics are fully regulated by the healthcare watchdog, so you can be sure your treatment is being delivered safely. 
  • UK’s leading chain of skin clinics
    We are the UK’s leading chain of skin clinics and have delivered laser hair removal more than a million times!
  • Laser experts for more than 25 years
    Founded in 1990, we have amassed more than 25 years of experience in delivering laser-led treatments and employ more than 90 qualified doctors across our network of clinics. 

Five Facts About Full Body Laser Hair Removal: 

  1. It’s suitable for both men and women: 
    The laser light technology used in this method of hair removal is so effective it can be utilised even on thick, coarse, dark body hair and on large areas of skin - making it an effective solution for both men and women. 
  2. There’s no such thing as ‘permanent’ hair removal:
    No hair removal solution can leave you permanently ‘hair free’, no matter what the provider might claim in their marketing. But laser hair removal will give you a permanent reduction in body hair, if you complete the course of treatments as directed by your practitioner during your consultation appointment. 
  3. It can be used virtually anywhere on the body and face: 
    Lasers can be used to remove hair from virtually anywhere; your bikini line, back, upper lip, nipples, chin, full legs, arms, underarms, fingers, buttocks - you name it. Your practitioner will simply carry out a patch test on the area first to ensure you are suitable for the treatment. 
  4. It’s suitable for all skin types and tones
    Laser hair removal is safe for all skin tones and types, including olive, Asian and black skin. In the early days of laser technology, this didn’t used to be the case, however, more up-to-date laser hair removal technology can be adjusted to different wavelengths, making it safe for all skin tones. 
  5. You won’t get ingrown hairs like you do with waxing or shaving:
    Because laser hair removal destroys the hair follicle underneath the skin, rather than cutting the hair off or pulling it out, the hair won’t regrow and become trapped - which is how ingrown hairs occur. Instead you’ll be left with silky smooth skin with long term results - and not an ingrown hair in sight. 


What does full body laser hair removal include?

The full body laser hair removal package at sk:n for women includes: chest, abdomen, full back, arms, underarms, full legs, buttocks, perianal and bikini line. For men it includes chest, abdomen, full back, shoulders and upper arms. 

Is the treatment painful?

Most people experience red, irritated skin for about 24 to 48 hours after each laser session, but the treatment is not usually considered to be painful. These side effects can be soothed with a cooling aloe vera gel or light moisturiser. 

Is full body laser hair removal worth it?

Having laser hair removal all over your body involves considerable financial investment and it’s not a quick fix. You must complete each full course of treatments in order to achieve long-lasting results. But, considering the time, money and effort spent on traditional methods of body hair maintenance - particularly if you suffer with hirsutism, or excess hair due to a hormonal condition such as polycystic ovary syndrome - many people find this treatment to be worth the investment. At sk:n, customer feedback suggests laser hair removal has life-changing results for some, especially those who’ve struggled with the embarrassment of extreme excess body hair and the impact it can have on confidence and self-esteem.

Is full body laser hair removal safe?

Yes. This treatment is a safe and effective method of hair removal. However, be sure the provider you choose to deliver your laser hair removal is a fully regulated, reputable clinic or practitioner. For peace of mind, make sure they are monitored by the Care Quality Commission (or equivalent for Scotland and Wales.) 

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