Our new mole mapping service combines medical expertise with the latest in digital technology. Every mole on your body is recorded and tracked, so nothing suspicious is overlooked.

  • Mole mapping delivered by experts
  • Cutting edge digital technology
  • Best results from regular checking
  • Histology service available


Moles are natural, we all have them, and they are mostly harmless.  Most moles develop in early childhood and up until the age of about 20, but some people develop moles later in life. Whilst it is normal to develop new moles and most are not harmful - keeping track of any new moles that appear is important. Catching a suspicious mole at the earliest possible stage is always preferable.


Benefits of mole mapping

Advanced technology

  • We use the latest technology to take digital photographs of your body which can be then be compared against previous maps for changes, reducing the risk factors of suspicious moles being missed. 

Full Body Mapping

  • Keeping track of new moles can be tricky, especially if they occur somewhere hard to reach, such as on your back. The advanced mole mapping technology makes it easy to keep track no matter where a new mole might occur. 

Fast Track Service

  • Should any suspicious moles be discovered as part of your mole mapping you’ll be fast tracked to the best course of action by one of our experienced consultants.


What is mole mapping?

Mole mapping is a screening service using advanced digital technology to map moles on the body from head to toe. The results can be compared to identify changing or new moles over time, including any which show signs of potential malignant melanoma, a common form of skin cancer. 

How does it work?

We use the FotoFinder® Bodystudio® system, which uses lasers to generate highly accurate and extremely detailed photographs of all four sides of your body, including your palms and soles of your feet. Any moles that appear unusual or merit further examination are photographed close-up using a special piece of technology called a digital photo-dermoscope. Your photos are then reviewed by one of our consultant dermatologists who will identify any suspicious lesions.

How often should I have a mole map?

After an initial session with one of our experts we recommend a return visit after 6 months and then an annual mole mapping session going forward.

How much does it cost?

An initial mole consultation and mole map usually costs £295 and will take around 30 minutes. However in May we are offering them at just £245!

Future mole maps are £145 and take around 20 minutes.

T&Cs Apply

Where is mole mapping available?

Mole mapping is currently available in the following locations:

New locations to be announced shortly.

Why trust sk:n?

sk:n is the UK’s leading skin clinic.  We undertake more private mole consultations and remove more moles than anyone else in the UK, across our 51 locations nationwide with friendly staff and no waiting times.



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